The Watcher of the Mists

Assault on Kreeg Clanhold, Part 3

Session 60

Synopsis: After killing most of the ogres in the Kreeg Clanhold, and sending the few survivors running, the Sandpoint Heroes explored the rest of the cave complex. A coven of hags threatened the party, but more terrifying was a small group of Black Arrow rangers… that thirsted for the flesh of the living!

12 Kuthona 4707

After defeating the ogres in Kreeg Clanhold (and sending several running for their lives), the Sandpoint Heroes explored the remaining chambers. Examining the spellbook of Barl Breakbones, McGregor discovered a disturbing letter.

Entering the ogres’ living chamber, the party found and rescued two half-naked human female slaves. They reported that the ogres had destroyed their village, killed and ate all of the children, separated the men from the women, and sent most of the men into the mines. They said that the women (and a few of the men) were kept as slaves for the ogres, and that they were the only two women left alive. None of the men sent into the mines had come back alive, but the ogres had brought up several of their corpses, which they skinned and ate.

Back in the ogre workroom, the party found two entrances into the mines— one heading up, the other down. Durrok fount points where he could have easily collapsed the mineshafts, but the party decided not to do that. Returning to the main level of the cave complex, the heroes explored the remaining passages. In one chamber, they fought and killed a coven of annis hags and their fast zombie servants, and seized a cabinet of alchemical reagents. Another passage led to a semi-abandoned shrine to Lamashtu, which was guarded by four undead Black Arrow rangers that had each been animated into kind of wight. One of the wights wore the tattered remnants of a Black Arrow colonel’s uniform— and the party strongly suspected that wight was what was left of former commander of Fort Rannick, Col. Lamatar Bayden. After Charrone invoked the power of the Inheritor to smite down the foul creatrure, the party kept its left hand to bring to the ghost of the nymph Myrianna back in Whitewillow. Looting the shrine, the party found gems that served as the three eyes of the image of Lamashtu, and a few spell scrolls inside a hidden compartment within the altar.

The ogre taskmaster, the ogre priestess of Lamashtu, and the stone giant king remained alive, but unconscious and tied up.

Zandu then mused that no one had yet discovered a treasure trove. Perhaps the prisoners would know where it was…

To be continued…



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