The Watcher of the Mists

The Graul Farm

Session 43

Synopsis: The party heads north to see the Rangers of Fort Rannick, but encounter a house of horrors in the woods.

Mooonday, 5 Kuthona 4707

The Heroes of Sandpoint decided to head up to Fort Rannick to meet with the Black Arrow rangers. About an hour into their journey, they encountered a wounded bear that came out of the woods: one of its paws was caught in a beartrap. Strangely, the bear wasn’t threatening; Durrok could tell that it was both friendly and wanted help. Not long after that, a very ugly overweight man approached behind four leashed mastiffs. He was bare-chested and wore tattered trousers, and carried a savage-looking hooked weapon in one hand. His other arm ended in a stump where his hand should have been. He identified himself as “Rukus Graul,” and challenged the party, saying that he was hunting “bar” and if they didn’t surrender the creature to him, he’d hunt them too. When the party refused, he set his dogs on the party, then attacked with the hook, but the party counterattacked and made short work of him and his hounds. Halfred said he was pretty sure that the man was an ogrekin, a wretched and vile offspring of an ogre and a man. The bear seemed to want the party to follow it, and led them through the woods to a poorly-maintained farmhouse surrounded by a tangle of half-overgrown cornstalks.

As the party approached, two more men challenged the party and told them to get out “if they knew what was good for them.” When the party didn’t back down, he threw what looked like a ball toward the party— when it hit the ground, it shattered— releasing a swarm of hornets that attacked the party. While he managed to get a lucky strike against Halfred, the party overwhelmed him too.

The front door to the house was trapped: a section of the ceiling of the overhang swung down, bearing several blades, and at the same time, saw blades scythed through grooves in the floorboards, cuttting the ankled of several party members. Entering the house, thy place was vile: The entire house reeked of carrion, body stink, and urine. In what must have been the parlor, human skulls and sculptures of human bones and tanned skin adorned the walls. A high-backed chair appeared to be made entirely of bones. The centerpiece of the dining room table was a severed human head crawling with flies. In the kitchen, smoked human legs hung from the ceiling like hams. The doorways to most rooms were also trapped, but Zandu disarmed them before they could spring.

Three more ogrekin attacked the party, but were not much of a challenge to the Sandpoint Heroes.

To be continued…



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