The Watcher of the Mists

The Graul Farm, Part 2

Session 44

Synopsis: The Sandpoint Heroes continue their exploration of the degenerate ogrekin Graul Family’s farmhouse of horrors. They have a pitched battle with the matriarch of the family and one of her sons— a grossly obese necromancer and a creepy silent killer!

Moonday, 5 Kuthona 4707, late morning

Continuing to explore the reeking and decaying farmhouse, the party approached a door at the end of a corridor. As Zandu leaned in to listen at the door, a rune in the doorframe suddenly glowed with a bright malevolent light, and everyone near it was suddenly wracked with severe shooting pains throughout thier bodies! Zandu threw open the door, and was assailed by a putrid stink that caused his stomach to turn.

Beyond the door was a bedroom with a luxurious-looking canopied four-poster bed. It seemed out of place given the rest of the furninshing: Human skulls decorated the walls, the floor seemed sticky with wet, dark stains, and flies buzzed throughout the room. An easel stood next to the bed, with a half-finished piece of artwork depicting a monster devouring a human, in lurid reds, yellows and browns. A palette was on the nightstand, on which were unidentified internal organs that were apparently being used as paint.

Three obviously undead ogres suddenly lurched toward the door, arms flailing at Zandu. Charrone and Halfred also burst into the room. As they fought the ogre zombies, they heard a short chanting from the bed, and a ray struck Halfred. The rest of the party heard the sickening cracking bones from within the Ulfen warrior, and he gasped in pain as bruises appeared on his flesh. He managed to hang onto his ranseur, but the pain of merely grasping it with his broken fingers was excruciating. He found it hard to walk on his broken legs.

A voice from behind the curtains called out, “Hucker Graul! Ger yer sorry butt in here right now! Dinner’s gettin’ uppity agin!” Charrone felt a strong presence of evil from the bed. McGregor, using detect magic saw that the curtains radiated Illusion-type magic. “I think those curtains are an illusion!” he called out, as Declan channeled the power of the Dawnflower to burn the zombies with holy flame.

The voice behind the curtain chanted again, and suddenly everyone in the room felt extremely tired. At that moment, Declan felt a blade penetrate his armor, and he wheeled to see another ogrekin drawing back a nasty-looking knife that dripped with his own blood. “That’s fer messin’ with Mammy!” snarled the ogrekin.

McGregor cast dispel magic, and the curtains around the bed disappeared. The bedframe strained to support the immense bulk of a grotesquely obese female ogrekin, half-dressed in an old curtain that served as a mumu. Her stingy and greasy black hair partly obscured her warty face, and she grinned showing black teeth as she cast another spell, and lifted off the bed into the air. By now, Halfred, Charrone, and Zandu had successfully chopped up the zombies. Durrok had spun to shoot the ogrekin attacking Declan, and managed to hit him once, but Declan fell for a feint and was stabbed badly.

The female ogrekin attempted to cast another spell, but McGregor countered it. With the zombies down, Charrone called the holy power of Iomedae to her sword, and smote the flying ogress, causing her next spell to fizzle. Halfred skewered her with his ranseur, and Zandu circled her to hit her from the back. She attempted to cast another spell, but McGregor countered that one as well, and she fell to the heroes’ blades. Durrok managed to get between Declan and the other ogrekin, switching to his adamantine battleaxe. And that gave Declan the chance to blast the ogrekin with more holy magic, dropping him.

A search of the room turned up some treasure, the most notable of which was the female ogrekin’s spellbook.

To be continued…



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