The Watcher of the Mists

The Mysterious Madame Mvashti

Session 19 (part 1)

Sunday, 18 Rova 4707

The Sandpoint Heroes accepted an invitation to a luncheon at the Sandpoint Mercantile League offices. When they arrived, they found the main hall had been converted into a banquet room, and all of the towns leaders were present. Mayor Deverin gave a short speech about how the town had been saved by the brave action of these six adopted heroes. As a token of appreciation, she bestowed upon each adventurer a purse of 1500 pieces of gold.

Moonday, 19 Rova 4707

A modest town-wide celebration was declared in honor of the Sandpoint Six, the heroes of Goblin Day. There was much rejoicing.

After the feast, the party took a much-needed week off of adventuring. Ted worked in the makeshift lab in his room to brew potions. Larissa put the magical theories she’d been studying for so long to the test, and successfully completed a ceremony to bond an amulet to herself, which which she could work magic and join the ranks of wizards. As her bonded object, she used the Sihedron Medallion, which had been recovered from Nualia in the dungeons of Thistletop.

That night, Larissa had an odd dream. In the dream, she was back in the flooded treasure room below Thistletop, looking at the mosaic of the golden domed city in the mountains. The image of the city before her eyes shifted, and became real. She realized the she now stood on a ledge on a mountain high above that city and was looking down at it. The sun glinted off of the golden roofs of the majestic buildings. She thought she heard a voice say her name, and then she woke up. She was alone in her room in the Rusty Dragon.

Over the following week, several members of the party individually investigated how they could acquire more powerful magic items, and found that several shops in town occasionally dealt in magic. Most obvious was the Feathered Serpent, a shop that catered to arcane magic. Both Ted and McGregor had purchased spell components and materials to scribe magical scrolls at this shop; they had also noticed that the shop had spell scrolls for sale, and occasionally stocked wands and more esoteric arcane items. Bottled Solutions, the local alchemist’s shop, also stocked potions, and several common potions could be purchased on order. Kesk the jeweler occasionally traded in enchanted jewelry. While Vernah’s Clothing mostly stocked the latest Korvosan fashions, she also stocked wearable magic items occasionally. One could never be sure what magic items might be available at the Sandpoint Boutique at a given moment. While she didn’t actively sell them, it was rumored that Madame Mvashti the fortune-teller knew how to craft wands. Savah’s Armory frequently stocked magical arms and armor. Savah herself mentioned that the local smith Das Korvut, owner of Red Dog Smithy, had been trained in the Dwarven tradition of weaponsmithing, and his skills had once been in high demand. However, after his wife and son became victims of the Chopper five years ago, he had turned his back on such things and now rarely crafted anything more interesting than scythes and plowshares if he crafted anything at all. When pressed, Savah admitted that Das now spent most of his time in one of the local taverns and was rarely seen in public sober any more.

Starday, 24 Rova 4707

Charrone decided to have a conversation with Mr. Korvut about the possibility of commissioning an enchanted set of armor. On her way over, she happened to pass by a group of children playing hopscotch. They seemed to be chanting a rhyme that mentioned Mr. Korvut by name:

Here comes crazy-man Das Korvut,
Mad as a snake stuck in a wagon rut!
See how his chops go bouncity-bounce?
How many drunkards has he trounced?
One! Two! Three! Four…

When Charrone arrived at the Red Dog smithy, she heard the barking of several large dogs. The top half of the door opened, and she was face-to-face with a very tall, ruddy-faced man with very bushy muttonchop whiskers. He sneered, and when he spoke, she could smell the whiskey on his breath. “Well, if it isn’t one of the Sandpoint Heroes! Come to spread some of your new-found money around here?” He spat at the ground. “Pfft. You adventurers are all alike. Useless! Sure, you killed a few goblins. So what? Where were you adventurers five years ago, huh? Killin’ goblins is one thing, but standing up to a killer who slaughters innocent folks by night is something else! Where were you adventurers then, huh? High-tailin’ it to a barroom, that’s where you all were. Now, by the Abyss, get outta here before I set my dogs on you!” He slammed the door before she could object.

Moonday, 26 Rova 4707

Declan, McGregor, and Charrone went to visit Madame Mvashti, the venerable Varisian fortune-teller and mystic. As they approached Mme. Mvashti’s handsome but run-down house, they were surprised to see Das Korvut leaving. The smith saw the local heroes, frowned, and looked away. He then turned down an alley and was out of sight. Declan waled up to the front door, and as he raised his hand to knock, the door slowly opened of its own accord.

The heady scent of incense wafted out of the door. Inside was a lavishly-decorated room. Heavy red curtains draped the walls. An exquisitely woven rug covered the floor. A crystal chandelier provided illumination. In the center of the room was a large round wooden table covered in green felt. Behind the table facing the door was an overstuffed chair, on which sat Madame Mvashti. “Yes, come in,” she beckoned. “Lady Charrone of Kintargo in far Cheliax. Enter. Borther Declan, priest of the Dawnflower, come in. And the wizard and scholar McGregor, please, sit. I will tell you your future.”

The three entered, and the door shut behind them. They sat on low wooden benches. The old woman took out a worn but expensive-looking Harrow Deck and expertly shuffled and fanned the cards. “Lady Charrone, please pick a card, then turn it up.” The paladin drew a card, and placed it face up on the table. The image on the card was of an armored knight on a rearing horse, her sword-arm raised. “Ah, very appropriate. The card is The Paladin. Its suit is hammers, which represent force and strength at arms. Its inclination is a good omen; its disposition favors what is known. This card represents standing firm against opposition. You will not back away from danger, and I see danger in your future.” She gathered back the cards. “So, you did not come to see me to have your fortunes told. What is it you wish of me?”

Declan replied, “Madame, we have been told that you know how to fashion magical wands. I have been seeking a wand of healing to assist us on our mission to protect this town. Would you be able to craft such a thing for us?”

The old woman fixed the priest with an inscrutable gaze. “You are very direct. Like the rays of the sun. That is an admirable quality. Yes, I would be able to craft such an item. However, I have little need for money.” She paused.

After an uncomfortably long silence, McGregor said, “Well, we are adventurers. Perhaps there is a service we could perform for you?”

At that, the old woman smiled. “Perhaps. You saw the man who left this place just before you arrived, yes? He is a very troubled man. He came to me to ask what the cards have in store for him. I told him that I could not help him but that there were others in town that could: people from whom he would never request help. If you could find out what troubles him and solve it for him, then yes, I will craft that item for you.”

The door opened by itself. “That is all for now. Good luck.”


GM’s Note: This session’s adventure is adapted from the fan-made encounter area “Chopper’s Isle” by James B. Cline. It was published in the free Pathfinder fanzine Wayfinder #7.

The Mysterious Madame Mvashti

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