The Watcher of the Mists

Welcome to Magnimar

Session 31 (part 1)

Toilday, 18 Lamashan 4707, dusk

As the Heroes of Sandpoint approached the East Gate of the city of Magnimar, several town guards approached them, unnerved by the sight of an armed group who had five people bound, gagged, and lashed to horses. Charrone explained that the prisoners are most of the notorious Bilger Gang, and that the party wished to hand the brigands over to local authorities, and claim the bounty on them. At that, the guards escorted the party and their prisoners to the Pedement Building in the Capital District, which served as the Magnimar courthouse and gaol.

Magnimar view 2

After handing over the Bilger Gang, the party were themselves questioned about how they encountered the Bilgers and what transpired. After about an hour of questioning, the guards seemed satisfied. A clerk then drafted an official letter of credit to the party, redeemable at the Temple of Abadar Moonday through Fireday, from nine in the morning until three in the afternoon. The party was also asked to make a brief statement at the preliminary hearing of the Bilger Gang tomorrow morning at ten. While at the Pedement building, the party overheard guards discussing the recent spate of high-profile murders that nobody could solve. Halfred asked for more information about these murders, but was told to mind his own business.

When they were done with the paperwork, most merchants had closed, so they went looking for an inn. Finding that the inns in the Summit were both pricey and that the desk clerks seemed to look down their noses at adventurers, the party descended the Ascent, which is the only road connecting the Summit from the Shore, and discovered the very welcoming Shield and Sheepdog Inn in the Keystone neighborhood, which was very near the Temple of Iomedae. Disturbingly, talk at the Sheepdog was also of the murders. The rumor mill had a lot of different specifics on the mechanics of the murder, but there was agreement on the victim: Councilwoman Janeth Ligurant.

The food was very good and the rooms were clean and comfortable. The night passed uneventfully.

Wealday, 19 Lamashan 4707

The party awoke at dawn, had breakfast, and decided to do a little early-morning sightseeing. Charrone went to visit the nearby Temple of Iomedae, and had a brief audience with Chaplain Tira Rinnova. Several people complimented Charrone on wearing the fabled Falconheart’s Mail, and they showed her a painting of General Falconheart wearing the armor at the end of the First Mendevian Crusade. Charrone also learned that the temple paid a bounty on tainted magic items, to keep them out of the hands of evildoers. While there, Charrone asked about the murders. The paladins of Iomedae reported that, while they were sometimes asked for assistance by the city guards, their own offers of help on this case had been rebuffed. “Apparently, it’s important to either the Council of Ushers of the Lord-Mayor himself for the City Watch to crack this on on their own. I don’t know what game they’re playing, though.”

While Charrone was at the Temple of Iomedae, Zandu took the letter of credit to the Temple of Abadar in the Capital District, and collected the money: 97 nobles and 5 ducats!

After that, the party convened in the Great Courtroom of the Pedement Building. Justice Ironbriar presided over the court. Ironbriar was a stern-faced elf with long, jet black hair and unfathomable violet eyes. He took a brief statement from the party, and ruled that there was sufficient credible evidence to put the Bilgers on trial in two weeks. He set the date of the full trial for 29 Lamashan, and informed the party that he expected them to testify at the full trial.

The hearing took about two hours. Afterward, the Heroes of Sandpoint did some more sightseeing. Charrone had heard tale of the Aquaretum, and persuaded the rest of the gang to check it out with her. Located in Beacon’s Point, the Aquaretum was a large round building run by the gnome Nireed Wadincoast. Paying the 5 pence to enter, the group found a strangely fascinating collection of fishtanks displaying strange marine life, many stuffed undersea creatures on display— including a kraken, a bunyip, and a sahuagin. (At the bunyip display, Halfred exclaimed, “Hey look! It’s a sharktopus! But, it’s mislabeled…”)

Charrone and Zandu struck up a conversation with Wadincoast. The blue-haired gnome wore a strange pair of goggles (“Helps me see underwater, but I just don’t like to take ’em off!”), and was extremely chatty. He said that he’d been exploring the depths of the Gulf of Varisia for years, and that he wanted to share his findings with the world— hence this museum. He mentioned that there are numerous submerged buildings at the bottom of the gulf, and that most seemed to be Thassilonian.

After that diversion, the party did some shopping for items that are easier to find in a large city than in a small town like Sandpoint. While shopping, the decided to do a little more research on finding Aldern’s townhouse, so they decided to head over to the city archive building in the Capital District. Zandu told the clerk that he was with the Sandpoint town guard, and needed to find out information about the Foxglove family, as Sheriff Hemlock needed to contact members of that family, but didn’t know how to contact them. After a few minutes, she brought out records showing that Aldern Foxglove did own a townhouse in the Naos neighborhood, and gave Zandu the address.

The party then decided that it was time to pay Mr. Foxglove, or whoever might be staying there, a little visit.

[To be continued…]



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