The Watcher of the Mists

Xanesha's Crypt

Session 37

Oathday, 27 Lamashan 4707, noon

The party watched as the gaseous form of the vampire rose upward toward the underside of the Irespan. “Where’s she going? I destroyed her coffin,” said Zandu.

“I’d wager that she’s got another one hidden up there somewhere. I’ll follow her. She’ll be helpless in the coffin for a couple of hours, so if we can get to her then, we can be rid of her,” replied McGregor. The wizard then cast a spell, and he flew after her.

Xanesha, in her gaseous form, wafted toward a jagged opening in the underside of the Irespan, near a support buttress that was easily wide enough for several people to stand. The cloud rose up through the openeing. The buttress stood about sixty feet above and fifty feet east of the tower roof, or about eighty feet in a straight line. McGregor tied a silk rope to the buttress and then threw the coil back toward the tower. Halfred managed to catch it, and tied the other end to the statue of the angel. He then secured a safety line to his waist, looping it over the rope, and climbed hand-over-hand to the buttress platform. Zandu then did the same.

McGregor cast invisibility and darkvision and slowly flew into the opening. The opening was about eight feet long, and two-to-three feet wide, and went through about two feet of broken stone, opening into a rectangular chamber. McGregor could make out two coffins in the room, and also saw that there were two collapsed passageways that would have led out; now, however, the only entrance appeared to be the crack. Seeing nothing in the room, he returned to the platform to tell the other characters.

“Two coffins? What if there’s another vampire in there?” asked Zandu.

“Oh, I’d imagine that there is another vampire up there. Probably one of those weaker ones we’ve encountered so far. If I were her, I wouldn’t leave my back-up sanctum completely unguarded,” opined Halfred.

Halfred hung onto McGregor’s back, and the two flew into the opening. “We’ll drop you a rope in a monent,” said McGregor to Zandu. The wizard sent a dancing light ahead of them so that Halfred would be able to see. As soon as they entered the chamber, a vampire spawn (who’d apparently been hiding) attacked them, but missed. It never got another chance, though, before Halfred and McGregor destroyed it. It assumed gaseous form, and flew into one of the coffins. After they dropped a rope to their companion below, Zandu joined them.

McGregor cast detect magic, and saw that the other coffin was under a spell effect. “I think it’s explosive runes,” said the wizard. Zandu successfully disarmed the spell effect. They opened the casket and found an unconscious Xanesha, still wearing her battle gear. Charrone pointed to a medallion that Xanesha wore around her neck: a bronze disk etched with the Sihedron Rune. “Nualia wore one just like that,” said McGregor. Zandu produced a wooden stake, placed it over the vampire’s heart, and struck it soundly with a wooden mallet.

Xanesha’s eyes shot open, and a horrific look of rage crossed it. She hissed menacingly, and then cried out in pain and horror, as Zandu drove the stake through her heart. After the third hit, she went limp. They did the same to the vampire in the other coffin. They then searched both coffins, and recovered several magic items and a fair amount of treasure. Halfred then took the vampires’ heads from their bodies, and the party retreated from the Irespan, returning to the roof of the Shadow Clock.

Searching through the room underneath the pedestal of the angel, the party found some valuables (including several sets of fine women’s clothing), and some interesting papers on the writing desk. One was a duplicate set of the dossiers on the party that Ironbriar had compiled. “Huh,” said Charrone, “that might explain why she seemed so effective in fighting us. She totally knew what to expect from us!”

Even more disturbing was a second paper. This one was titled "Sihedron Sacrifices for the Master" and had two columns of names. The first columns was labeled “Magnimar,” and the second “Sandpoint.” Some of the names on the list were crossed off. While the Sandpoint Heroes weren’t familiar with many of the names in the Magnimar list, they did notice that all of the names in Sandpoint that were crossed out were the ones killed by the Skinsaw Man. They presumed that the same was true for the Magnimar list. Charrone shuddered to notice that both Ted’s and Larissa’s names were on the Sandpoint list, and that Ted’s was crossed out. She also noticed one name in particular on the Magnimar list: Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras!

The party gathered up all of the valuables, and the evidence, and gingerly made their way back down the Terrible Stairs. Once out of Underbridge, they headed for a nearby park and exposed the vampires’ heads to direct sunlight, which caused them to smoulder, then burst into flames and crumble to dust. “Well, they won’t be bothering anyone again!” said Durrok.

Fireday, 28 Lamashan 4707

The party spent much of the day selling off the valuables found in the Shadow Clock. They also met with General Odinburge to explain that they believed that the murder spree is finally over, showing him the list of victims. His jaw dropped when he saw the Lord-Mayor’s name on the list.

Starday, 29 Lamasham 4707

The party received invitations to Sunday afternoon dinner at the Lord-Mayor’s estate, so several party members bought new formal attire to meet the mayor. Charrone took as many of her companions as would deign to join her on some more sight-seeing in the City of Monuments.

Sunday, 30 Lamashan 4707

The Sandpoint Heroes were the guests of honor at Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras’ mansion for dinner. The Lord-Mayor was a jovial, if somewhat haughty, host. However, when Halfred mentioned that the Lord-Mayor had been on the sacrifice list, it became apparent that no one else had done so, for Grobaras then started gasping for air, and had to be helped to a chair. He seemed much better after another brandy, and profusely thanked the party for their service to the city, and to him personally. He then awarded each of the Sandpoint Heroes a purse of 6000 ducats.

End of Book 2


At the end of this session, we took a three-week hiatus, so that the GM can prepare Book 3.

Xanesha's Crypt

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