Abra Lopati



LG female middle-aged human (Varisian) ranger 8, 38 years old


Abra Lopati is a tall, fit, and slim woman with shoulder-length black hair with a few gray streaks. Her features are hard and striking, but not beautiful. She has a very businesslike demeanor. As a Duskwarden, Abra works dilligently to protect the city of Kaer Maga from the subterranean horrors that lurk the Undercity— a network of passages, vaults, and chambers below the City of Strangers. Her primary responsiblity is protection of the Halflight Path, serving as both as a troubleshooter and guide.

On 19 Abadius 4708, Abra led the Sandpoint Heroes up the Halflight Path, along with a group of three traders. While still thousands of feet below the surface, the group was attacked by a pack of wormlike horrors with mind-control powers. Were it not for the prowess of the Sandpoint Heroes, Abra and the other travelers would certainly have been killed— or worse. In appreciation, Abra gave Halfred a magical charm that he can use to summon her for aid.

Abra Lopati

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