Aldern Foxglove

Minor aristocrat from south of Sandpoint (deceased)


Male human aristocrat


Aldern Foxglove is a young man of some wealth who was originally from the Sandpoint area, but grew up in Korvosa. The heroes rescued Aldern during the events of Goblin Day, and after that Aldern took a strong liking to the party. Aldern led them on a boar hunt a few days later, but it was interrupted by a goblin attack. He was seen flirting with Charrone Genteur at the Rusty Dragon for a few days before his departure. While conversing with the party, he mentioned that he had received word that his young wife had been lost at sea just a few weeks ago. He left town to return to his nearby manor house the day after the ill-fated hunt.

Update 1: In the course of investigating leads related to the series of murders attributed to the Skinsaw Man, the Sandpoint Heroes explored his house, Foxglove Manor, and found that not everything he told them earlier was true. For one, they discovered that he had actually murdered his wife.

Update 2: On 14 Lamashan 4707, the Sandpoint Heroes confronted Aldern in the caverns below the house. They found that he had succumbed to the family curse and had been transformed into The Skinsaw Man! A fight ensued, and at the end, Aldern was dead, and the curse on the house lifted.

Aldern Foxglove

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