Charrone Genteur

Human female paladin of Iomedae


Female human (Chelaxian) paladin 8


Charrone Gernteur is the youngest daughter of Duke Anton Genteur of Kintargo in Cheliax. Blessed with a strong sense of justice, Charrone sought a life of adventure and service, and so petitioned to join the Hellknights of Cheliax, an elite military order dedicated to preserving law and order. As a noblewoman, she was given a commission as Maralictor (lieutenant) almost immediately, and was assigned to the Order of the Nail, whose headquarters are near Korvosa in Varisia. Charrone liked her role as lawbringer, but was troubled when she led her unit to put down a peasant revolt less than six months into her service. The action turned much uglier than she intended, and scores of peasants ended up slain by heavily armored knights. Charrone was given a medal and commendation for putting down a revolt, but she realized that law without morality is wrong, and resigned her commission. Taking vows as a paladin of Iomedae, she donated most of her personal fortune to the families of the slain farmers. Now a wandering champion of the downtrodden, she has found her way to Sandpoint for the Swallowtail Festival.

Because of her daring deeds during the events of Goblin Day and other exploits near the town, Charrone has become a bit of local folk hero. She has an excellent working relationship with Sandpoint’s Sheriff Hemlock. During her time in Sandpoint, she has acquired the enchanted sword Brightblade and the historically significant suit of armor called Falconheart’s Mail.

Charrone continued working with the Sandpoint Heroes, and assisted with the defeat of the Skinsaw Man in Foxglove Manor, the destruction of the Skinsaw Cult in Magnimar, the defeat of the vampire Xanesha, and the re-taking of Fort Rannick near Hook Mountain. Charrone volunteered to help support the two remaining Black Arrow Rangers of Fort Rannick at least until reinforcements can arrive from Magnimar.

Game Note: The player who originally designed Charrone resigned from the campaign after Session 20. The GM ran her as an NPC for a few sessions, and a new player started running her in Session 24. The second player resigned from the game after Session 51, and Charrone is again an NPC, remaining at Fort Rannick.

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Charrone Genteur

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