Jervis Stoot

a.k.a. The Chopper (deceased)


Jervis Stoot was a regionally-famous but eccentric artist who lived in seclusion on Stoot’s Roost, a small island just 50 yards off the coast in Sandpoint. Stoot was famous for his extremely beautiful, intricate, and lifelike wood carvings of birds. He didn’t sell them, but it was considered a great honor to let him make a carving on one’s doorframe, fence, or tree.

In 4701 (five years ago), just before the Sandpoint Fire, a serial murderer stalked the streets, claiming 25 lives. When bodies were found, they were terribly mutilated: the victims’ eyes and tongues were always missing. Sheriff Avertin fought the Chopper one fateful night, and was slain, but he dealt the murderer a terrible wound. Deputy Belor Hemlock tracked the killer back to Jervis Stoot’s cabin, expecting to find Stoot dead too. Instead, he discovered that Stoot was the Chopper, and after a struggle, Stoot was dead. Stoot’s body was burned in a pyre on the beach the next morning. His cabin was also set afire, and it burned to the ground.

After Stoot’s death, the island he called home was re-dubbed Chopper’s Isle, and was completely shunned by the populace of Sandpoint.

Jervis Stoot

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