Durrok Wolfhammer

PC: Male Dwarf Ranger


Male dwarf ranger 8


Durrok’s family name, Wolfhammer, reflects the family industry. The Wolfhammers have long been involved in the crafting of warhammers and other armor and weapons. The Wolfhammer token warhammer has an ornately fashioned wolf head.

Durrok speaks little of his past, but it is apparent some catastrophic event tore him from his family home in Janderhoff at the age of 49. He now travels the forests, deserts, and mountains of the lands, serving in a ranger capacity after leaving his family connections and the blacksmithing behind. Durrok became familiar with many traveling Shoanti during his travels.

He lost his animal companion, a badger named Mickey, during the tragic event from his past. Along with Mickey, his youngest sister Dwemia likewise perished. It is suspected that giants or their kin were involved in the incident, though they persuaded goblins to participate to some degree.

Durrok followed rumors of goblin activity to Sandpoint, intending to offer his axe and crossbow to assist the town. While nearing Sandpoint, he heard rumors of walking scarecrows, and followed clues to the likely center of these murderous creatures. During his investigations, he crossed paths with the other Sandpoint Heroes, and joined forces with them. Durrock was a great help in defeating the Skinsaw Man, tracing him back to Magnimar and his involvement with the Skinsaw Cult. After the destruction of the Skinsaw Cult, the defeat of the vampire Xanesha, and the exploration of the Aether Ship Emperor Xin, Durrok journeyed with the Sandpoint Heroes to Turtleback Ferry. After working with the surviving Black Arrow Rangers to re-take the fallen Fort Rannick, Durrock volunteered to stay with the Black Arrows, at least until reinforcements could arrive from Magnimar.

Note Durrok’s player joined the group during Session 24, but had to resign after Session 50 due to other personal commitments. Durrok is now being run as a recurring NPC.

Durrok Wolfhammer

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