Gadka Burtannon

Dwarven merchant of magic items


Male dwarf expert 4/ rogue 2/ sorcerer 1


Gadka is a personable and mostly-honest merchant who runs a low-rent magic shop in the Tarheel Promenade district of Kaer Maga. He specializes in potions and minor wondrous items, buy regularly sells other items of dubious quality.

Update: After trading information with the Sandpoint Heroes in exchange for their help in “taking care” of some trouble he was having with a street gang, Gadka now offers the Sandpoint Heroes a 15% discount on all prices.

Gadka’s Magical Oddities
Gadka’s magic shop sells spell components, potions, and wondrous items from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook with a list price of 2,000 gp or less. He’ll always have at least one of any such item in stock. In addition, at any given time he’ll also have 3d4 additional minor magic items, 1d6-1 medium items, and 1d4-3 major items (randomly determined; if the number rolled is 0 or less, he has no such items of that power level). His inventory changes daily.

Gadka Burtannon

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