Haldmeer Grobaras

Lord-Mayor of Magnimar


Male human (Chelish) aristocrat, 49 years old.


The current Lord-Mayor of Magnimar has held office for the last 19 years. Generally known as a vain, arrogant, and self-serving man, he nevertheless maintains a firm grip on the power of Magnimar. In theory, the Lord-Mayor is supposed to share the duties of governing the city-state and its holdings with the legislative Council of Ushers, but Grobaras has skillfully neutralized the effectiveness of the Council by constantly keeping the various factions at each others’ throats, leaving him to rule by fiat. He resides at Defiant’s Gardens, the most impressive estate in the city, which had been built as a place for visiting dignitaries to stay, until appropriated by Grobaras as the Lord-Mayor’s mansion in 4693.

Despite his portly appearance and foppish demeanor, Grobaras is a silver-tongued orator and a fearsome political operative, with the wealth to back it up. Not above accepting bribes, Grobaras seems to care little about the day-to-day business of running the second-largest city in Varisia, and leaves the administration to a small cadre of bureaucrats, led by his chief of staff.

Fortunately for the people of Magnimar, Grobaras’ chief of staff is an impeccably honest and hard-working man, who does his best to invalidate the worst of the Lord-Mayor’s excesses and absurd mandates before they can take effect.

Haldmeer Grobaras

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