Jaagrath Kreeg

"Big Pappy" of the Kreeg Clan (dead)


CE Male ogre barbarian 7


Sadistic, cruel, and completely deranged, Jaagrath Kreeg is the active leader of the Kreeg Clan of ogres. Like most ogres, he rules his clan by intimidation and fear via regular beatings, rape, the murder of rivals, and complete ruthlessness. He is the husband-father of many ogresses in the clan. He believes that Lamashtu whispers to him through the dying screams of the humanoids he tortures to death, which is one reason the Kreegs bring so many living victims on a one-way trip to the Clanhold. Jaagrath also fancies himself an artist, and is skilled in leatherworking and taxidermy. His preferred material is human skin, which he likes to flay from his still-conscious victims. Many of his taxidermy creations are chimeras— horrific amalgamations of his humanoid and bestial victims.

Update The Sandpoint Heroes slew Jaagrath and many other ogres on 7 Kuthona 4707 when they took back Fort Rannick from its ogre conquerors.

Jaagrath Kreeg

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