Jakardos Sovark

Captain of the Black Arrows


Human male 8th-level ranger, 51 years old.


Captain Jakardos of the Black Arrows is a muscular man of Taldan descent with a piercing gaze. He lost an eye in a fight with Kreeg Clan of ogres many years ago, but this hasn’t affected his formidable skill at archery. He is generally quiet and withdrawn, only seeming to come truly alive in battle.

Jakardos’ oath of vengence against the Kreegs appears to be the only thing holding him together emotionally since the fall of Fort Rannick and his own capture and torture by the Graul Family of ogrekin. The Black Arrows were the only family that he’s ever known, and only two others of that order seem to remain alive.

Update: After Fort Rannick was re-taken, Jakardos assumed the rank of Colonel and has taken command of the remaining Black Arrows: a handful of surviving rangers returned, and a few dozen local men and women have joined. He will have his hands full training the new recruits and rebuilding the heavily damaged fort.

Jakardos Sovark

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