Lamatar Bayden

Former commander of the Black Arrows; now protector of Shimmerglens


Male centaur ranger


Col. Lamatar Bayden had been the commanding officer of the Black Arrows of Fort Rannick. When the ogres of the Kreeg Clan attacked the fort, Col Bayden happened to be out on his monthly three-day sojourn. While he never told his subordinates what he did on these solitary trips, in reality he went to the enchanted marshlands called Whitewillow to meet his beloved, the nymph Myriana, Lady of Whitewillow.

On 25 Neth, 4707, ogres of the Kreeg Clan attacked Fort Rannick, using intelligence gathered by the lamia Lucretia. Lucretia herself led a platoon of ogres into Whitewillow where she had the ogres murder a dryad. This got the attention of Lamatar and Myriana, who came to mete out justice, but it was a trap. The ogres violated and killed Myriana before Lamatar’s eyes, and then mortally wounded him, taking his body back to Kreeg Clanhold. There, a coven of hags animated Lamatar into a powerful cairn wight guardian, now a creature of evil beholden to them.

On 12 Kuthona 4707, the Sandpoint Heroes attacked the Kreeg Clanhold and destroyed the wight that had been Lamatar. They returned his remains to the ghost of Myriana two days later, who used what remained of her magic, and her own essence, to reincarnate Lamatar in the form of a centaur. Now boud mystically to Whitewillow, Lamatar is the new guardian of the mystical marshland, taking the place of his departed yet beloved Myriana.

Lamatar Bayden

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