Larissa the Swift

Human (Chelish) female rogue/wizard


Larissa grew up on the streets and among the monuments of Magnimar. Orphaned at a young age, she fell in with a gang of street toughs where she learned the art of survival using her wits and her bow. She was in Sandpoint as a first stop of an aimless journey of adventure. She adventured with the other members of the Sandpoint Six for about six weeks, first meeting them by chance during the events of Goblin Day.

Game Note: Larissa had been a PC, but the player resigned from the game after Session 20. She has been a recurring NPC since then.

Update: Larissa slipped out of town unannounced on 12 Lamashan 4711. She left a note to the other members of the Sandpoint Six saying that she was venturing out on her own, and wishing them all well.

Update: The party met with Larissa again on 19 Neth 4711, aboard the aether ship Emperor Xin in Magnimar Harbor. Larissa and the gnome Nireed Wadincoast slipped past a naval cordon and boarded the ship while the party was exploring it at the request of the Magnimar Navy. Larissa helped out her former companions at first, but when the party discovered a mysterious rune-covered metallic object about the size of a goose egg, Larissa caused a distraction and fled with the item. Later, Wadincoast mentioned that she identified herself as an agent of the Aspis Consortium, and showed him her Aspis credentials.

Larissa the Swift

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