Proprietor of the Paradise floating casino


Human female aristocrat

Update: Lamia matriarch sorceress


The Sandpoint Heroes first learned of the existence of Lucretia from a letter found in Xanesha’s lair. The letter indicated that this mysterious Lucretia was also committing ritual sacrifices in the distant town of Turtleback Ferry for the same “Master” as Xanesha, but she was planning to sacrifice an entire town!

After reaching Turtleback Ferry, they found Lucretia to be a fairly public figure— the owner of a floating gambling house called The Paradise. However, the barge had caught fire and sunk into the lake a little more than a week before the party arrived; Lucretia was presumed dead in the wreck.

Investigation found that Lucretia had offered patrons of the Paradise a deal: they could receive a mundane tattoo for a deep discount on the cover charge and access to the “VIP Room”, which scores of people accepted. The tattoo was in the shape of the Sihedron Rune.

Later, the party encountered Lucretia inside the fallen Fort Rannick, then under the control of the Kreeg Clan of ogres (before the party chased them out). In the fight, Lucretia revealed herself to be a lamia matriarch, but she was slain before she could get away.


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