Mammy Graul

Matriarch of the Graul Family


Female ogrekin necromancer


The grotesquely obese female ogrekin known as Mammy Graul is the undisputed head of the Graul Family of ogrekin, who live in a human-built farmhouse a few miles north of the village of Turtleback Ferry. The Grauls have a well-deserved and terrifying reputation of preying on travelers that venture near their land— and of toying with their victims in depraved “games” for days before slaughtering and butchering them like animals.

Mammy is known to be a necromancer. Tales are told that on those rare occasions that she leaves her house, she is accompanied with three animated ogre corpses— rumored to be the fathers of her eight sons. It is said that she killed them when she tired of their company.

Update: Mammy Graul and the rest of her clan were slain by the Sandpoint Heroes on 5 Kuthona 4707. The heroes then burned the Graul Homestead to the ground, ensuring that the corpses of the Grauls were reduced to ashes.

Mammy Graul

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