The Lady of Whitewillow; now deceased


Female nymph (ghost)


Myriana was a nymph, the benevolent fey ruler of the enchanted marshland called Whitewillow, near the village of Turtleback Ferry. She had enjoyed a long romance with Col. Lamatar Bayden, commander of the Black Arrow Rangers, protectors of the area.

On 25 Neth 4707, Myriana and Lamatar were lured into a trap by by the lamia Lucretia and a band of ogres that she led. Myriana was violated and slain by the ogres, and the last sight she saw was an ogre gutting Lamatar before carrying him off.

Myriana’s restless spirit rose as a ghost the next night, and her sorrow tainted her connection to the First World, twisting Whitewillow from a place of pristine beauty to a nightmare realm of shadowy horror. On 11 Kuthona 4707, the Sandpoint Heroes entered Whitewillow, searching for Col. Bayden. What they foud was the ghost of Myriana, who bade them find Lamatar and bring back his remains, or else she would cause the horror of the swamp to stretch farther and farther out until she found him herself.

The party did bring back his remains three days later, and Myriana used her magic, infused with her own essence and the strange powers of the First World to bring back Lamatar in a new body. Now a centaur, and mystically bound to the place, Lamatar has taken the place of Myriana as the protector of Whitewillow.


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