Nualia Tobyn

Enemy priestess of Lamashtu. (Deceased)


Female aasimar cleric


Nualia was the adopted daughter of the late Father Tobyn, priest of Sandpoint. Because of her obvious celestial heritage, Tobyn raised her to become a priestess of Desna. He was an extremely strict father. She had a very tough childhood, as all of the other children in town were either jealous or frightened of her. When she was sixteen, she became involved with a Sczarni ne’er-do-well named Delek Viskanta. Rumors started circulating that she was pregnant, but then the Sandpoint Fire burned down the chapel and manse where she and her father lived, and she was presumed dead. Five years later, she resurfaced as a priestess of Lamashtu who plotted to use the local goblin tribes to burn the town to the ground as a burnt offering to her demon-goddess. She was killed by the Sandpoint Heroes on 16 Rova 4707.

Nualia Tobyn

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