Orthlo Janke

Halfling captain of the magical riverboat "Lucky Jenny"


Male halfling expert/rogue


Janke is a happy-go-lucky owner and captain of the magical riverboat Lucky Jenny. The bright-red boat is powered by a magic waterwheel that propels the boat significantly faster than any other boat on the Yondabarki River. The Lucky Jenny can make the trip from Magnimar to Kaer Maga in just two weeks— four times faster than conventional travel methods.

One downside to humans traveling aboard this boat is that the ship and her accommodations are all sized for size Small creatures, such as gnomes and halflings. Humans sleeping in the cabins must make a DC 12 Fortitude save or suffer the effects of a sleepless night. Fortunately, Janke prefers to dock his boat in a riverside port whenever possible, allowing any passengers to rent lodging at more familiar-sized inns along the way.

Orthlo Janke

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