Skinsaw Man

Undead serial killer (deceased)


Ghast (undead, augmented human male)


In the month of Lamashan in 4707, several bodies killed in a ritualistic manner started to turn up in and around Sandpoint. The only witness to any of the crimes was a local drifter who seems to have been driven insane by the sight. He called the killer “My Master” and “The Skinsaw Man,” and the latter name has stuck among the Sandpoint guardsmen. The seven victims have included three local con-men, Sczarni boss Content Not Found: jubral-vishki, advenuter Ted Waters, miller Banny Harker, and farmer Mina Hambley.

Update: The Sandpoint Heroes discovered that the Skinsaw Man was a free-willed ghast, who had been Aldern Foxglove. The Heroes confronted and killed the Skinsaw Man on 14 Lamashan 4707.

Skinsaw Man

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