Traver Foxglove

Korvosan merchant, deceased


Human wizard (deceased)


Traver Foxglove (4655 – 4693) was a grand-nephew of Vorel Foxglove and the father of Aldern Foxglove, Traver inherited Foxglove Manor in 4687, and he and his family (wife Cyralie and daughters Sendeli and Zeeva) moved in shortly thereafter. The house had been abandoned for more than 40 years, and Traver spent a large amount of time and money restoring the house to its former glory. His son Aldern was born shortly after moving in. In 4693, a fire broke out in the carriage house, and Cyralie died in blaze. Traver committed suicide that day, and the children went to live with relatives in Korvosa.

Traver Foxglove

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