Tsuto Kaijitsu

Traitorous son of the owner of the Glassworks (deceased)


Male half-elf aristocrat/rogue (deceased)


Tsuto Kaijitsu was the illegitimate son of Atsuii Kaijitsu and an elven bard that had been hired by the Kaijitsu family. Atsuii’s husband Lonjiku was quite surprised to learn that his second child was half-elven, and obviously not his own. Despite the obvious, Lonjiku did publicly recognize Tsuto as his son, but never developed any fondness for the child, and kept Tsuto at arm’s length from the family throughout his childhood, eventually enrolling him in a local boarding school. Tsuto was a difficult child and a poor student. While his mother cared for him, she rarely visited in deference to her husband, but he was close to his older sister Ameiko. He left Sandpoint eight years ago to make his own fortune. When he’d learned of his mother’s death allegedly at the hands of The Chopper, he returned for the funeral. At the funeral, he publicly accused his father of his mother’s death, resulting in the elder Kaijitsu beating Tsuto nearly senseless with his cane. Tsuto spit a curse at his father and left Sandpoint, vowing never to return.

Tsuto did return in the month of Rova in 4707, working with the evil priestess Nualia Tobyn to destroy the town. He was apprehended by the Sandpoint Heroes and turned over to the authorities, and he hanged himself in his cell two days later.

Tsuto’s body was buried in the Sandpoint Boneyard in an unmarked grave at the request of his sister.

Tsuto Kaijitsu

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