Vale Temros

Lieutenant of the Black Arrows


Female human (Shoanti) ranger 2 / fighter 4, 26 years old


Vale is a quiet and withdrawn woman of mixed Shoanti and Garundi descent, who wields a two-handed sword in battle. Vale was born into the Black Arrows: both her parents were members, as were two younger brothers. All were slain in battles with ogres of the Kreeg Clan over the years. Vale became the head siege engineer of Fort Rannick.

The Sandpoint Heroes freed Vale, along with fellow Black Arrows Jakardos Sovark and Kaven Windstrike, from the clutches of the depraved Graul Family of ogrekin. The three rangers had been held captive for about a week, and all were horrifically tortured. Vale has become even more withdrawn since her experience at the ogrekins’ hands, seemingly only coming alive again in the heat of battle.

Vale Temros

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