vampire mistress of the Shadow Clock


Female human (Varisian) vampire sorceress


According to notes left by Justice Ironbriar, Xanesha was a priestess of Norgorber who essentially took over the Brothers of Seven some time in the spring of 4707. She called herself “Wanton Mistress of Nature’s Pagan Forms.” She taught the Skinsaw Cult the Sihedron Ritual, informing them that it was a way to speed souls to Father Skinsaw. Ironbriar’s notes also indicated that he and Xanesha had also become lovers.

The Sandpoint Heroes tracked Xanesha to the Shadow Clock in Underbridge, a decrepit crumbling tower perpetually in the shadow of the Irespan. Xanesha revealed herself to be both a sorceress and a vampire. After a desperately-fought battle at the top of the Shadow Clock, the heroes destroyed Xanesha on 27 Lamashan 4707.


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