Baraket, the Sword of Pride

Rapier, one of the Seven Swords of Sin

weapon (melee)

Baraket, the Sword of Pride

Aura Strong illusion; CL 16th
Slot none; Price n/a (artifact); Weight 2 lbs

In appearance, this appears to be nothing more than the basket hilt of a rapier or fencing sword, seemingly made of bluish glass or highly polished crystal, with no blade. For the blade of this +2 mithril rapier of speed is under an inherent invisibility effect. The invisible blade grants a +5 bonus on Bluff checks to feint in combat, as long as the opponent cannot see invisible objects.

As with the other Seven Blades of Conviction, Baraket is said to have additional powers when in the hands of the rightful Champion of Pride.


After the fall of Thassilon, all of the Seven Swords of Sin were lost for a time. According to the Pathfinder Society, an early chronicle of the deeds of Aroden from the Age of Destiny (before his ascension to godhood) mentions an unnamed companion of the Last Azlanti who had a “blade that could only be seen by witchcraft.” A chronicle in Kyonin mentions an elven adventurer who used an “invisible blade” to thwart his enemies in the early First Millennium, but it was lost when he was captured by orcs in Belkzen. The blade was recovered by a Imperial Taldan expedition by the Third Army of Exploration in 1527 AR. It was identified as a Thassilonian artifact shortly thereafter. The blade became the possession of the Taldan Royal Family, becoming a part of the Crown Jewels. Baraket was placed on public display with the Taldan Crown Jewels in the Imperial Museum in Oppara in 3950, and had been there until its theft in the summer of 4706. Surprisingly, none of the other Crown Jewels were stolen along with the sword.

Baraket was recovered by the Sandpoint Heroes in the city of Kaer Maga in the winter of 4708 by a priestess of Lissala named Tirana.

Current Status: Claimed by Zandu Agavale

Baraket, the Sword of Pride

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