Birth of Truth and Light

Ancient Sarenite text


Aura strong conjuration [good]; CL 15th [minor artifact]
Slot held; Weight 5 lbs;
This is an ancient copy of the holy book of the Church of Sarenrae, The Birth of Truth and Light. It is written in Thassilonian, and includes several passages that are not commonly seen in modern versions. These extra passages tell of Sarenrae before she’d become a true goddess, her deeds in the world and in the Great Beyond, a list of the names of fiends she defeated, and her means of doing so. Another section not in contemporary translations describe the persecution of the Sarenite church in the realms of Thassilon under the Runelords.

When touched or carried by a character of evil alignment, the book immediately bestows two negative levels. These negative levels disappear when she is no longer in possession of the book. When held in one hand and used as an additional divine focus, a worshiper of Sarenrae can channel positive energy at two levels higher. Likewise, if a Sarenite uses it as an additional divine focus when casting spells, all spell effects (e.g. range, duration, number of dice rolled, etc.) are counted as if the caster were two levels higher. Finally, the book itself can be used create the effects of mass cure moderate wounds, cure deadly wounds and searing light each once per day.

Consulting the book grants a +2 circumstance bonus on a Knowlege (religion) check about Sarenrae and her church, and on a Knowledge (planes) check about defeating outsiders of the [Evil] subtype. Using the book in this way takes 1d4 minutes.

The Church of Sarenrae regards this book as a sacred relic of the early church.

If an evil creature successfully tricks this item into slaying an innocent person, the book will immediately explode in holy retribution, doing 20d6 holy energy damage to all evil creatures in a 40-foot burst. (Reflex save DC 30 for half damage). Neutral creatures take half damage (save for 1/4 damage), and good creatures are unaffected. The creature who invoked the effect that trigged the item’s destruction does not get a saving throw. Spell Resistance does not apply to this effect.


This book was found in a hidden bookshelf in the Chambers of Truth beneath the streets of Kaer Maga.

Birth of Truth and Light

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