Scimitar "Klar-Gottha"

weapon (melee)

Masterwork cold iron scimitar


This is a black-bladed scimitar of exceptional quality. The weapon is forged of cold iron, which can bypass the damage reduction of some creatures (notably demons and fey). The weapon appears to be of Orcish manufacture, as it is of the style favored by the Orcs of the Hold of Belkzen, and bears a number of Orchish runes, including the name of the sword “Klar-Gottha.” This roughly translates to “Fairy Stabber.”

The sword was claimed by the Sandpoint Heroes from the slain goblin chieftain Kneecrusher of the now-destroyed Toadstool tribe on 7 Rova 4707.

Stauts: Claimed by Declan Fintane.

Scimitar "Klar-Gottha"

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