Book of Lamashtu


Aura none CL none
Slot: none; Price: 500 gp; Weight: 5 lbs.
This non-magical book is written in Abyssal. Its cover is black leather, and bears an image of the demon-goddess Lamashtu, Mother of Monsters: a nude human female figure with a scarred and very pregnant belly, and jackal’s head with three eyes. The book has two sections:

Part 1 describes the unspeakable unholy rites of the cult of Lamashtu. The passages contain detailed (sometimes lurid) descriptions of depraved sexual rites, ritualized torture, and human sacrifice.

Part 2 of the text is an illustrated bestiary of demons and aberrations.

It is possible to use the text as a reference guide to assist in Knowledge (religion) checks about the cult of Lamashtu, and Knowledge (dungeoneering) or Knowledge (planes) checks to know about the abilities and weaknesses of aberrations and demons (respectively). Using the book in this manner requires 1d6 full rounds, after which the user gets a +2 circumstance bonus on the appropriate check.


This book was recovered from the catacombs under the town of Sandpoint on 12 Rova 4707, in which is a shrine to Lamashtu.

Status: Owned by McGregor

Book of Lamashtu

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