weapon (melee)

Aura faint transmutation & evocation CL 3rd
Slot: none (held); Price: 2315 gp; Weight: 4lbs
This finely-crafted +1 longsword is of human construction, of a style that is typical of the Chelaxian Empire. It has a golden hilt with a curved guard, and is otherwise unadorned. The sword glows with a pale greenish light, as per a light spell. The light cannot be extinguished be means other than sheathing it. The name “Brightblade” is etched onto the pommel.
Requirements: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, light, magic weapon.


This sword was recovered from the catacombs under the town of Sandpoint. It was first encountered being wielded by a three-armed, seven-foot-tall goblin that had been mutated by the power of the demon goddess Lamashtu, Mother of Monsters. The group presumed that the creature took the sword from a slain enemy at some point in the past.

Status: Currently owned by Charrone Genteur.


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