Cape of the Mountebank


Cape of the Mountebank

This cape is made of fine black velvet, and is lined with shiny red satin. It has a large upturned collar and a gold chain for a clasp.

As a standard action, the wearer can pull the cloak around himself to invoke a dimension door effect once per day. (Caster level 9)

Unlike the spell, the cloak effects only the wearer, so it cannot be used to bring passengers along. Also unlike the spell, when the dimension door effect is invoked, there is a bright flash of light, a puff of white smoke that smells faintly of brimstone, and a loud “Poof!” sound that occurs in both the square that the wearer departed from and the square that he reappears in. Neither the light nor the smoke hampers vision, but these effects make it difficult to use this item in a stealthy fashion.

Status: Currently owned by Zandu Agavale


This cape was recovered from the remains of the murderous ghast that was called the Skinsaw Man, after he was defeated by the Sandpoint Heroes on 14 Lamashan, 4707. It is believed that the Skinsaw Man had used the cloak to infiltrate places that he would not have been able to enter (such as locked rooms) without leaving a trace.

Cape of the Mountebank

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