On Demiplanes and Their Creation

Ancient text on planes


On Demiplanes and Thier Creation
Aura none; CL
Slot none; Price 2200gp; Weight 5 lbs.
Author anonymous; Language: Thassilonian
Subject planes, conjuration
Special sepia snake sigil trap on page 4. If sprung, it resets after 24 hours.

This oversized text has but 90 pages, but contains several mysteries about demiplanes, their properties, and an introduction to creating them. The script is early Thassilonian, and is in a dense and cramped hand. Consulting the book grants a +2 circumstance bonus on Knowledge (planes) checks, except for identifying creatures and thier properties. (The text does not mention any specific outsiders.) Consulting the book in this manner takes 1d6 minutes.

In addition, this book contains three arcane spells, as per a wizard’s spellbook: dimensional anchor, lesser astral projection, and lesser create demiplane


On Demiplanes and Their Creation

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