Orb of Darkness


Aura: faint evocation CL 3rd
Slot: none; Price: 4000 gp; Weight: l lb.
This item appears to be a smooth, black, fist-sized stone, perhaps of basalt or black onyx. Once per day, when a command word is spoken, the stone radiates darkness, as the spell cast by a 5th-level wizard. The effect can also be invoked simply by dropping the stone to the ground. It is possible to throw the stone onto a specific square as if it were a splash weapon.
Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, darkness.


This item was found on the person of the half-orc assassin Grralka, a companion of Nualia, in the Thassilonian ruins below the goblin stronghold at Thistletop.

Status: Currently owned by McGregor

Orb of Darkness

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