Ranseur of Alaznist (replica)

weapon (melee)

+1 mithril ranseur, with a darkwood haft. It weighs half that of a standard ranseur (i.e. 6 lbs).

Price: While the book value of this item is 3,030 gp, it is both a work of art and of historical value, and could probably be sold to an expert collector for close to 4,000 gp.


This beautifully-crafted masterwork mithril ranseur was discovered in the Catacombs under the town of Sandpoint on 11 Rova 4707 by the Sandpoint Heroes. It had been integrated to a statue of the Runelord Alaznist, and is presumably a replica of her legendary weapon of power, Alara’q-Bhak.

Status: Currently owned by Halfred Egilsson.

Update: Halfred hired a master craftsman to enhance this item to a +1 mithril ranseur.

Ranseur of Alaznist (replica)

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