Robe of Useful Items


This is a standard robe of useful items. It contains the following items:

  • 2 daggers
  • 2 bullseye lanterns (full of oil & lit)
  • 2- 10-foot poles
  • 2- 50-ft coils of silk rope
  • 2 grappling hooks
  • 2 large sacks
  • 2 steel mirrors
  • Heavy crossbow w/ 20 bolts
  • Harrow deck
  • rowboat (12’ long)
  • hand axe
  • 24-ft wooden ladder
  • hornet’s nest (can throw as splash weapon, releases uncontrolled wasp swarm)
  • leather pouch containing 12 iron spikes and a mallet
  • bag of 100 gp
  • wooden tray with china teapot full of piping hot tea and 4 teacups.
  • heavy winter coat
  • window (2’x4’, up to 2’ deep)
  • iron door (up to 10’x10’, barred on 1 side)
  • explorer’s outfit (dry, sized for wearer)
  • 2-gallon cask of ale
  • fully-cooked 20lb turkey (steaming hot), with stuffing and gravy, on a wooden platter
  • feather token: tree (must use immediately)
  • delayed blast fireball (can throw as splash weapon, 8d6 damage, save DC 20)
  • potion of cure serious wounds

This item was found in the Chambers of Truth below the city of Kaer Maga in th emonth of Abadius 4708.

Robe of Useful Items

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