Spellbook (green leather cover)

Spellbook found in Ironbriar's office


A 100-page wizard’s spellbook containing the following spells:

3rd level: daylight, fly, lightning bolt, pain strike, summon undead III

2nd level: cat’s grace, darkness, forceful push, hypnotic pattern, levitate, spectral hand, spider climb

1st level: chill touch, comprehend languages, enlarge person, mage armor, magic missile, mount, ray of enfeeblement, shocking grasp

Cantrips: all from Core Rulebook, plus spark


This is a 100-page wizard’s spellbook. It is bound with a green leather cover, which bears an embossed golden decorative pattern. There is no name or identification on the book, although the paper appears to be quite old.

The book was found among several texts in the office of the evil priest Justice Ironbriar after his defeat by the Sandpoint Heroes on 20 Lamashan 4707.

Status: Owned by McGregor

Spellbook (green leather cover)

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