Spellbook of Chrysalis Black

Spellbook of the mad artificer


This is a heavy leather-bound tome with a brass corner protectors. Its pages are made of vellum.

The spellbook contains the following wizard spells:

7th level: mass hold person, simulacrum
6th level: chain lightning, contingency, disintegrate, greater dispel magic
5th level: cone of cold, dominate person, feeblemind, major creation, permanency, teleport
4th level: black tentacles, dimension door, globe of invulnerability, lesser simulacrum, scrying
3rd level: dispel magic, displacement, lightning bolt, nondetection, protection from energy, slow
2nd level: false life, locate object, mirror image, scorching ray, unnatural lust, whispering wind
1st level: alarm, floating disk, identify, mage armor, magic aura, magic missile, ray of enfeeblement, shield, sleep, unseen servant
cantrips: All from Pathfinder Core Rulebook


This spellbook was found in Magnimar inside the secret underground lab of the mad artificer Chrysalis Black on 02 Abadaius 4708.

Spellbook of Chrysalis Black

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