Spellbook of Mammy Graul

necromancer's spellbook


Mammy Graul’s spellbook contains the following spells:

5th-level: Mass Pain Strike, symbol of pain, waves of fatigue
4th-level: animate dead, boneshatter, enervation, dimension door, phantasmal killer
3rd-level: fly, excruciating deformation, pain strike, rain of frogs, summon monster III, vampiric touch
2nd-level: blindness/deafness, blood transcription, blur, false life, minor image, mirror image, scare
1st-level: cause fear, chill touch, grease, mage armor, ray of enfeeblement, ray of sickening, shield, silent image, unseen servant, vanish

The book does not radiate magic, but does radiate trace evil.


This gruesome-looking tome is bound in tanned leather made from the face of a humanoid. Both the cover and parchment pages are smeared with reddish and brownish smudges. The book itself exudes a foul odor of body stink and feces. When first recovered, several of the pages were stuck together with half-dried fluids of some sort that was best not to speculate on.

The book was retrieved from between folds of body fat from the corpse of the grossly obese ogrekin necromancer Mammy Graul.

Spellbook of Mammy Graul

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