Tannaris, the Sword of Envy

Bastard Sword, one of the Seven Swords of Sin

weapon (melee)

Tannaris, the Sword of Envy

Aura strong abjuration; CL 16th
Slot none; Price n/a (artifact); Weight 7 lbs


This weapon is believed to be one of the Seven Swords of Sin

While the hilt of this +2 defending bastard sword appears to remain a constant gold with a mother-of-pearl grip, the material comprising the eleganty curved blade appears to change each time one’s gaze fixes upon it: crystal of varuious colors, coral, various metals, porcelain, stone, or other fantastical materials. However, these changes appear to be cosmetic, and do not confer any special material bonuses. Unlike most defending weapons, when used as a bonus to defense, the blade retains its bomus to attack and damage. When scoring a critical hit, Tannaris also targets its opponent with a dispel magic effect, which can cause one beneficial spell affecting the target to be dispelled on a successful dispel check (at Caster Level 16).

Like the other Seven Swords of Sin, the sword is believed to have additional powers in the hands of the legitimate Champion of Envy.


After the fall of Thassilon, all of the Seven Swords of Sin were lost for a time. At some point during the Age of Destiny, an unnamed priest of Abadar recoved Tannaris, and recognized both its power and its danger. Since that time, Tannaris has been sequestered from the world by the Church of Abadar. Not long after the founding of Absalom, the Church of Abadar placed_Tannaris_ into the Great Vault, where is has remained for millennia.

How Tannaris was taken from the Great Vault of Abadar in Absalom is not yet known. The sword was recovered by the Sandpoint Heroes in the winter of 4708 in the city of Kaer Maga.

Current Status: Claimed as party treasure by the Sandpoint Heroes

Tannaris, the Sword of Envy

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