The Watcher of the Mists

The Heart of Sorrow
Session 56

Synopsis: Following a lead on the last known location of Col. Lamatar Bayden (commanding officer of the Black Arrows), the party canoed into the cypress swamp called Shimmerglens, on the western shore of Claybottom Lake, looking for an area known as Whitewillow. Whitewillow was described by locals as a beautiful, pristine place with lovely white willow trees and friendly fey… but the party found a shadowy, twisted mire of nightmare. What has corrupted the swamp, and what has become of the Lady of Whitewillow?

Secrets of Skull's Crossing
Session 55

Synopsis: After fighting its way through the remains of the Skulltaker Clan of trolls, the party found the dam’s magical control room and wrested access from its ancient Thassilonian guardian. But how do the controls work and what is the dam’s power source?

Skull's Crossing
Session 54

Synopsis: Arriving at Skull’s Crossing, the party found that the ogres of the Kreeg Clan had nefarious plans for the dam and all that lived downriver. After dealing with the ogres, the denizens of the dam itself were not particularly welcoming, either!

9 Kuthona 4707

To Skull's Crossing
Session 53

Game Date: 9 Kuthona 4707

Synopsis: After the floodwaters subsided, the party learned that the ancient Thassilonian dam called Skull’s Crossing normally regulates the flow of the Skull River to prevent flooding. Something must be wrong with the dam! If it fails, the inland sea known as the Storval Deep would completely inundate the entire Yondabarki River Valley—- which includes the city of Magnimar!

The Flood
Session 52

Game date: 8 Kuthona 4707

Synopsis: After leaving Charrone and Durrok at Fort Rannick to help the surviving Black Arrows defend the fort, the heroes witnessed a major flood of the Skull River. Racing to Turtleback Ferry, the Sandpoint Heroes rescued several townsfolk from the floodwaters… and from an ancient horror stirred up from the depths of the Storval Deep!

Fort Rannick Mop-Up
Session 51

Game Date: 7 Kuthona 4707

Synopsis: With the keep re-taken and the few remaining ogres on the run, the party assesses the damage to the fort and deals with some nasty surprises that the ogres left behind.

Assault on Fort Rannick (Part 3)
Session 50

Synopsis: The battle for Fort Rannick intensifies as the sorceress Lurcetia enters the fray.

Assault on Fort Rannick (Part 2)
Session 49

Synopsis: After defeating the Kreeg Clan leadership, the Sandpoint Heroes find a clue about the whereabouts of Black Arrow Commander Lamatar. But while fighting their way out of the fort, their original quarry finds them!

Assault on Fort Rannick (Part 1)
Session 48

Synopsis: The party’s plan to infiltrate Fort Rannick is a success— and brings them face-to-face with the leader of the Kreeg Clan!

Planning an Assault on Fort Rannick
Session 47

Synopsis: With the help of the last of the Black Arrow rangers, the party plans a daring assault to take Fort Rannick back from the depredations of the Kreeg Clan of ogres.

Adventure Log

Toilday 6 Kuthona 4707

The party spent the day with the surviving Black Arrows in Mayor Shreed’s office in Turtleback Ferry to discuss options for protecting the people of Turtleback Ferry and the surrounding towns. Jakardos was adamant that a small, well-armed strike team could infiltrate the inner keep and re-take the fort. “Taking back the fort and sending the ogres running back into the mountains is everyone’s best hope,” he concluded. “That would send a very clear message to the remaining ogres that humans won’t stay down for long.” Shreed asked how likely it would be that the ogres would swarm out of the mountains and attack the village en masse. Kaven replied, “I don’t think it’s very likely— ogres are cruel and vengeful, but aren’t too bright or imaginative. They would most likely try to strike back at the last people who had hit them.” Jakardos agreed. Vale sketched out a map of Ft. Rannick so that the Sandpoint Heroes could get a better idea of the layout of the fort. Jakardos also suggested that daytime would be more advantageous, as ogres can see in the dark just fine.

After much deliberation, the party settled on a plan of action: The Sandpoint Heroes plus the three surviving Black Arrows would sneak up to the fort at daybreak. They would make for the secret cave behind the waterfall, and would hopefully manage to get into the cave without raising the alarm. Once inside, the group would move to the secret door in the cavern wall that leads behind the wooden “new barracks.” That wooden outbuilding had never been actually used as barracks for long, as the Black Arrows realized it would be a deathtrap if it ever caught fire— the Arrows had used it for storage, but there are likely too many ogres to all stay in the fort itself. Vale mentioned that they had been keeping firewood under the back of the building, where it’s dry. Zandu said that lighting the New Barracks on fire would hopefully kill any of the ogres staying in it, and would also cause a major distraction that could allow the party to enter the inner keep without much trouble.

Jakardos then said that if the party can kill the ogre leader and dispaly his corpse of head, they would probably win then and there. “Ogres are led by the strongest, toughest, most cruel sunovabitch among them. Anyone who can knock the leader down is the new leader. If we can kill him, I think the rest of them will flee!” When asked who the leader is, Vale replied, " Jaagrath Kreeg. He’s a monster. Taking him down will be tough, especially if he surrounds himself with his flunkies— like his daughter-wife, Dorella. She’s a sorceress." Charrone interrupted, “Um, did you say this sorceress was the leader’s daughter or his wife?” The three Black Arrows exchanged glances, and replied simultaneously: “Both.” A look of disgust crossed the paladin’s face. “Frankly,” said Jakardos, “that’s among the least of an ogre’s perversions. They make ogrekin like the Graul Family seem like decent enough folk in comparison.” Declan visibly shuddered at that.

Durrok asked the mayor to gather up as much alchemist’s fire as could be found in the town— they’d need it to light the barracks on fire. “Plus, that stuff comes in handy to throw at enemies in a pinch.” Shreed said he’s see what he could do.

Specific battle plans were laid out over the afternoon. At evening, the group retreated to the Turtle’s Parlor for a meal, and they all went to bed early.

[To Be Continued…]


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