The Watcher of the Mists

The Chambers of Truth (Part 9)
Session 80

Synopsis: Continuing their exploration of the Chambers of Truth, the party found a chapel not dedicated to a god, a strange passageway to nowhere, and an ancient scrying device. They also solved a riddle involving an angel and a demon, recruited a strange ally, and fought an Osiriani mummy.

The Chambers of Truth (Part 8)
Session 79

Synopsis: The party used a strange contraption they found in a room they called the “Hall of Heads” to interrogate several long-dead characters from ages past… and one from their own past!

The Chambers of Truth (Part 7)
Session 78

Synopsis: The adventurers continued to explore the vaults below Kaer Maga. They explored some of the living quarters in the complex, fought hideous creatures formed from sin itself, and rescued the party wizard from his own curiosity.

The Chambers of Truth (Part 6)
Session 77

Synopsis: The heroes continued their exploration of the Hall of Arcane Wonder within the Chambers of Truth. They discovered a strange scrying device, a room full of severed heads and a contraption to speak with them, an underground garden, and a shrine to strange and terrifying creatures from beneath the sea.

The Chambers of Truth (Part 5)
Session 76

Synopsis: The Sandpoint Heroes descend into the lower level of the Chambers of Truth. After a brief encounter with a former friend, they explored a deadly and ancient museum called the Hall of Arcane Wonder.

The Chambers of Truth (Part 4)
Session 75

Synopsis: The party continued its exploration of the Chambers of Truth beneath the streets of Kaer Maga. They found a strange artifact unbound by the laws of time, examined viewing portals that looked upon distant worlds, and fought a terrifying creature made of stone.

The Chambers of Truth (Part 2)
Sesion 73

Synopsis: The party continued its exploration of the underground magical research facility known as the Chambers of Truth. They encountered a strange crystaline monster in a geomancy lab, and later triggered successive waves of increasingly-powerful skeletons in a strange magical arena.

The Chambers of Truth (Part 1)
Session 72

Synopsis: The party begins exploration of the underground chambers below the Temple of Lissala: chambers last used by the enigmatic Council of Truth before they disappeared a decade ago.

Temple of Lissala
Session 71

Synopsis: After securing both the Lethe House and the adjacent warehouse, the party ventured into the basement. They found a temple to the lost goddess Lissala, the Rune-Maid, Keeper of Lost Lore— and a very powesful priestess who saw the party as her latest sacrificial victims!

The Lethe House
Session 70

Synopsis: The heroes enter Tirana’s lethe house to confront the proprietor, and learn that he’s some kind of priest of the ancient Thassilonian rune-goddess Lissala, as is Tirana. A note from Tirana tells them more about the Swords of Sin. They also find out what this cult has done with the missing townsfolk!


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