Tag: Declan


  • Sihedron Medallion

    The Sandpoint Heroes have encountered several of these items, all being worn by enemies who were defeated in combat. The evil aasimar priestess [[:nualia]] was wearing a Sihedron Medallion when she was killed by the Sandpoint Heroes on 16 Rova 4707. …

  • Scimitar "Klar-Gottha"

    This is a black-bladed scimitar of exceptional quality. The weapon is forged of cold iron, which can bypass the damage reduction of some creatures (notably demons and fey). The weapon appears to be of Orcish manufacture, as it is of the style favored by …

  • Sceptre of Electric Ray

    Two of these strange devices were recovered from the extraplanar creatures aboard the aether ship _Emperor Xin_ in late Lamashan 4707. *Status*: One was claimed by [[:declan|Declan]], the other by [[:zandu|Zandu]].

  • Belt of Shielding

    Two of these devices were recovered from the Xill crew members of the aether ship _Emperor Xin_, which materialized in Magnimar Harbor on 18 Neth 4707, and disappeared later that night.

  • Wayfinder

    The Sandpoint Heroes recovered this item on 12 Kuthona 4707 from the treasure trove of a small rampage of "flame drakes":http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/additionalMonsters/drake.html#_drake,-flame on Hook Mountain. *Status*: claimed by [[:declan| …