Tag: Kaer Maga


  • Gav Nalhi

    Gav is a 14-year-old boy who makes his living as a guide to the chaotic city of [[Kaer Maga]]. He is extremely knowledgable about the city and is an excellent guide.

  • Abra Lopati

    Abra Lopati is a tall, fit, and slim woman with shoulder-length black hair with a few gray streaks. Her features are hard and striking, but not beautiful. She has a very businesslike demeanor. As a [[Duskwardens|Duskwarden]], Abra works dilligently to …

  • Tirana

    Tirana is the unscrupulous leader of the Splitstreet Gang in the city of [[Kaer Maga]]. Notorious as a lesser crime lord who's clawing her way upward, she was the person in the City of Strangers who had hired the [[Aspis Consortium]] to acquire for her …