Tag: McGregor


  • Sihedron Medallion

    The Sandpoint Heroes have encountered several of these items, all being worn by enemies who were defeated in combat. The evil aasimar priestess [[:nualia]] was wearing a Sihedron Medallion when she was killed by the Sandpoint Heroes on 16 Rova 4707. …

  • Book of Lamashtu

    This book was recovered from the catacombs under the town of Sandpoint on [[Exploring the Catacombs|12 Rova 4707]], in which is a shrine to Lamashtu. *Status:* Owned by [[:mcgregor]]

  • Orb of Darkness

    This item was found on the person of the half-orc assassin Grralka, a companion of Nualia, in the Thassilonian ruins below the goblin stronghold at Thistletop. *Status:* Currently owned by McGregor

  • Belt of Shielding

    Two of these devices were recovered from the Xill crew members of the aether ship _Emperor Xin_, which materialized in Magnimar Harbor on 18 Neth 4707, and disappeared later that night.

  • Totem of Erinyes Summoning

    This item was given to McGregor by the erinyes devil who called herself "Sakarja" after being freed from the power center of the aether ship _Emperor Xin_ on 19 neth 4707.

  • Spellbook of Barl Breakbones

    This spellbook was recovered from the throne room of Barl Breakbones, the stone giant leader of the [[Kreeg Clan]] of ogres. The Sandpoint Heroes defeated the Kreeg Clan on 12 Kuthona 4707.

  • Gloves of Elvenkind

    The Sandpoint Heroes found these gloves on the remains of the simulacrum of Chrysalis Black after its defeat on 2 Abadius 4708.