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  • War Razor of Bleeding

    This weapon was recovered from the corpse of [[:skinsaw-man|The Skinsaw Man]] on 14 Lamashan 4707. *Status:* sold The Sandpoint Heroes sold this item to a weapons dealer in Magnimar.

  • Skinsaw Mask

    This terrifying mask resembles a patchwork deformed face, with one bulbous eye, a grimacing mouth of long teeth, and no nose. When worn, the mask fills the wearer's mind with hideous whispers and images of murder and violence. It also heightens the wearer …

  • Reaper's Mask

    Much like the similar _skinsaw mask_, this item enhances the wearer's senses via the fear of others. The wearer can smell the cold sweat brought on by terror, and hear the thunderous beating of a frightened heart. The mask also makes fresh blood appear to …