Book 1

Book 1: Burnt Offerings

In the month of Rova in the year 4707, six adventurers independently found themselves in the small coastal town of Sandpoint in the land of Varisia for the annual Swallowtail Festival. They were Lady Charrone, a paladin of Iomedae; Halfred Egilsson, an Ulfen warrior; Ted Waters, a student wizard on college break; Larissa the Swift, an adventurer from Magnimar; McGregor, a wizard and scholar of ancient Thassilon; and Declan Fintane, a priest of Sarenrae. During the events of the festival, goblins suddenly attacked, and the adventurers aided the town guardsmen, who were led by Sheriff Belor Hemlock. During the fight, they managed to save several townsfolk from the goblins, including Aldern Foxglove and Katrine Vindler.

After the fight, the adventures were hailed as the Heroes of Sandpoint. They learned from local ranger Shalelu Andosana that this behavior was quite atypical of the local goblins, and that she suspected that some outside force had united them. This was confirmed after the Sandpoint Heroes and Shalelu jointly destroyed a small splinter goblin tribe, and learned that the Thistletop tribe had been the ringleader of the raid.

Not long thereafter, the Heroes learned that local tavern owner Ameiko Kaijitsu had disappeared, and that her half-brother Tsuto Kaijitsu was involved. Tracing her to the local glass factory, the heroes found that Tsuto had kidnapped his sister and had assisted the goblins in the earlier raid, using a network of secret tunnels below the city. The heroes also learned that the goblins were planning a much bigger raid, and that they were being led by a priestess of Lamashtu named Nualia Tobyn, who had a personal vendetta against the town. Exploring the tunnels, they found that they connected to an underground Thassilonian complex, that seemed to be dedicated both to Lamashtu and one of the Runelords of ancient Thassilon: Alaznist, Runelord of Wrath.

The Sandpoint Heroes then launched a series of raids against the goblin fortress at Thistletop, destroying the Thistletop goblin tribe. In the dungeons below the fortress, which seemed to also be of Thassilonian construction, they confronted Nualia and her compatriots, killing them all in the ensuing fight. In the ancient ruins, they found one symbol that seemed to dominate the decor: the Sihedron Rune. They also recovered ancient magical artifacts that were decorated with this symbol, including the Sihedron Medallion and the Ring of the Sihedron Shield.

With the destruction of the Thistletop goblins and their human instigators, the remaining goblin tribes returned to their status quo of infighting and mostly leaving humans alone.

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Book 1

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