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Council of truth

The Council of Truth

About a century ago, not long after the death of the god Aroden, a group of thirteen wizards from Oppara in the Kingdom of Taldor arrived in Kaer Maga. They were a strange band, and consisted of humans, gnomes, and half-elves, men and women alike. They called themselves the Council of Truth, and they stated that they sought to understand the mysteries of the arcane underpinnings of reality. To their surprise and delight, the Council was met with indifference from the factions of Kaer Maga. Bringing a considerable amount of wealth with them, they purchased several properties throughout the City of Strangers and set up shop. Their largest facility was inside an old mill on the cliff-side border between the Bottoms and Cavalcade. In fact, the only group in Kaer Maga with whom they came into conflict were the Duskwardens, who regularly warned the Council not to delve too deeply in the chambers below the city. The Council summarily waved off this advice.

While the Council employed a few guards, workers, and journeyman alchemists, few non-members were ever let into the magical research labs known as “The Chambers of Truth” which were rumored to be located below their mill. Te Council allegedly turned a very good profit by selling off many of their discoveries to the highest bidder. Their discoveries included strange materials from other planes, devices copied from the creations of beings on other worlds, new spells and arcane formulae, and alchemical breakthroughs.

And then, about nine years ago, they were gone. Nobody knows exactly what happened, but the Council simply disappeared. Some say they opened up a forbidden chamber below the city and were destroyed by the horror they released. Others say they passed through a magical portal to another plane or distant world more condusive to their research. Whatever happened to the Council in reality, none of its members have been seen in nine years.

Today, their empty chambers and halls are still marked by their stylized owl symbol carved into wood, metal, and rock. None but the bravest (or most foolhardy) adventurers or most desperate of thieves dare to delve into the Council of Truth’s former domain. Few that have tried have ever been seen again.

The Council of Truth
Alignment Neutral
Headquarters “The Chambers of Truth”, beneath an old mill between Cavalcade and the Bottoms, Kaer Maga (abandoned)
Leaders Professor Lucien Tillinghast (human male wizard 14, missing)
Structure academic collective
Scope Local (Kaer Maga)
Status Inactive; all known members have been missing since 4697 AR

Council of Truth

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