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Alchemical Items
Special Materials

Rules Changes for Equipment:

The following weapons do not exist in the campaign world (because the GM think’s they’re dumb):

  • Chakram (from APG. Sorry, Xena.)
  • Composite longbow*
  • Composite shortbow*
  • Dwarven urgosh
  • Gnome hooked hammer
  • Orc double axe
  • Two-bladed sword

*both replaced by “Composite bow.” See internal equipment document.

Stat Changes:
The following weapons have changes in their descriptions:

Hand Crossbow: This is considered a simple weapon, but it is expensive and hard to find.

Longbow: The longbow can be constructed to have a heavy pull, and thus provide a Strength bonus to damage. See the Core Rulebook under Composite Longbow for pricing.

Quarterstaff: This is not a double weapon. However, see the feat Stick Fighter.

Wielding a Weapon in Two Hands: Any character using a weapon with both hands adds at least +1 on damage rolls, even if the character has low Strength. For characters with very low Strength, this may only reduce damage penalties. (e.g. a character with 10 Str adds +1 on damage; a character with a 7 Str only takes a -1 damage penalty).

Special Materials, Enhancement Bonuses, and Damage Reduction: A weapon’s high enhancement bonus does NOT count as a special material for purposes of bypassing damage reduction. The overrides the PFRPG rules-as-written (see the table on the Damage Reduction Rules for the rules-as-written.)

Reach Weapons: We’re going to use the 3.5 rules for reach weapons and threatened squares, NOT the PF rules. Small and Medium characters using a reach weapon threaten all squares within 10 feet, even diagonally. This is an exception to the rule that two diagonal square equals 15 feet.


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